Foto Friday: Travis Hoehne Photography

Even before I was engaged, I've been blogstalking photographers. I love photography, especially portrait and wedding photography. It's all about catching the moment, a visual expression of love, and emotion. I'm in awe of photographers who are able to capture this. It's not easy and not anyone can do it. Since I have so much love for the photographers out there (check my photog blogroll), I'm beginning a new feature: Foto Fridays.

So now that you know who we've snapped up as our photographer, I figured that I would feature some of the work that moved me to hire him!

Travis Hoehne is based out of Riverside, and has been awesome to work with. You can check out his blog here, and his website is almost complete.

Love the light!

Definitely want something like this for ours :)

And this too. I KNOW the groomsmen (and groom!) would be down!

Love the silhouette.

I like the use of the arches.

The light is shining down on them!

Colors of this shindig are so vibrant!

This series is great!


I really like this one too. So cool!

Travis, if I haven't said it enough, you're awesome!! Next July here we come!

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