Foto Friday: Jasmine Star Photography

One of my new favorite photographers is Jasmine Star. She is based out of Orange County and with a little over two years of running her own business is a rising STAR in the photography world. (Yes, pun intended.) I was so touched reading her old blog entries about her entry into the business, her struggles, fears, doubts, and ultimate support and success. Look at her now! She has a fantastic new website chock full of awesomeness! Her new blog reads like a fashion magazine, without losing her great personality that she puts into every post. I feel like I know her through her well crafted writing and candid honesty. I even emailed her about her advice to her start in the business, and she was nice enough to answer my email -- she didn't have to! Thanks Jasmine!

Here's some eye candy from her latest wedding.

All photos by the talented Jasmine Star.


Bumatay said...

Awesome write up! Jasmine has always been a star and she'll continue to skyrocket so watch out!

Jasmine said...

Girl, you keep on rockin' with your amazing self! :)