101 things I love about...

my personal heater, my Stitch, my silly

21. the way you stay with me on the phone, even in complete silence
22. you taught me about your love of basketball
23. you teach me to play video games (at least the wii ones)
24. you accept my obsession with my DSLR
25. you have a new love of point-and-shoot photography
26. you'd take me to Cheesecake Factory just because I love cheesecake
27. you'll walk around aimlessly around the mall with me
28. you think my quirks are charming
29. the way you kiss me on the forehead, every time I stick my forehead in your face
30. you worry about me
31. you stay on the phone with me to make sure I get home safely
32. you make me feel loved
33. you make me feel beautiful
34. you believe in me
35. you encourage me to be better and do better
36. you let me complain
37. your patience
38. your kindness
39. you travel a distance to see me
40. you chose me

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