101 things I love about him...

41. your eclectic taste in music
42. your willingness to try new things
43. you'll watch a chick flick with me (except Sex and the City)
44. you know how to dance
45. you don't mind hanging out at my house
46. you've come to like my dogs
47. you respect me
48. you're incredibly thoughtful
49. you share my love of things Disney
50. you're as excited as me about finally getting to ride Expedition Everest
51. you believe in a certain level of frugality
52. you have nice taste in clothes
53. your random sweet text messages
54. you put up with the fact that I can be a nag
55. the way you hold me on a cold night
56. that we have lots of fun together
57. the happiness in your voice
58. your own set of quirks
59. that you find the way I say "heeeeyyy" funny
60. you're not afraid to be silly in public

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