101 things I love about....

my fiance, my best friend, my biggest fan.

My list of 1-20 in no particular order...

  1. the way you smile
  2. your laugh and how it brightens my day
  3. that you know how to dress
  4. that you care about my interests/hobbies
  5. you make me happy just being in the same room
  6. you have always believed in us
  7. you trust me and I trust you completely
  8. you love me for me
  9. your openness
  10. that you'll listen to me rant unconditionally
  11. you think I'm funny, not nuts
  12. you know how to make me laugh
  13. when you try to scare me with your "mean look", it makes me laugh instead
  14. your big, juicy lips!
  15. you have a cute butt
  16. when you whisper in my ear ::chills::
  17. you put up with me
  18. you think I'm cute
  19. you think I'm cute without makeup
  20. you're nicer than me
I love you!

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