A great new way to collect addresses!

I've been trying to figure out the most efficient and convenient way to collect the addresses and information of our family and friends. Sending around an Excel spreadsheet seems cumbersome and even with Google Documents, not everyone is signed up for Google (as prolific as it is). I thought about just collecting addresses from my mom's address book, but that would take forever to type. Data entry? No thanks! Plus into today's digital world, everyone (almost) is at a computer/blackberry/iPhone/etc at all times.

Then I came upon Mrs. Eggplant's suggestion and the lovely form building website Wufoo.com. Wufoo is the answer to my quandary. It allows to to build a custom form and deliver it to your audience. And even embed it in your website or blog. Talk about a simple solution!

3 basic forms and 3 basic reports are free, and even with what seems "basic" should be more than enough to fit a bride's needs. You can customize the look of the form to a degree and add color. You can definitely add your personality into the form. In addition, you can get reports of information that has been submitted. So great! And of course, if that's not enough, Wufoo has some affordable options if more space is needed.

Try it out if you're looking for a convenient and efficient way of collecting information!

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