Colored Shoes!

I LOVE the idea of colored shoes on your wedding day! First of all, colored wedding shoes are cute and have so much personality. Second, who says you can't? Sometimes it's easier to just match, but why not mix it up a little and surprise family and friends alike with some unexpected pizazz. 
I, myself, am not one for heels. I'd probably fall down before I get down the aisle. For my bridal shoes, I'm thinking either a cute wedge sandal or even flip flops. Since going to college in San Diego, I'm pretty much in my Rainbow flip flops all through the summer. Somehow, I'm one of the few women who never learned to walk in heels. Sure, I can walk about two feet, but then I'll be yelling to get them off. They are torture devices, I'm convinced.
First: by the fabulous Becker:
 The red shoes give a white dress some great pop!
 I bet this bride has some killer legs!
Who said that the shoes even had to be dressy heels? I'm all for this bride's choice in Nike Dunks! You have to have great style to pull those off, and I think this bride totally does! 


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