Foto Friday: Becker Photographer

This Friday's feature is the uber-talented and incredibly amazing photographer, Becker. I think I discovered Becker's work when someone blogged one of his images on WeddingBee. The details, the lighting, the relaxed portraits, everything caught my eye. Along with [b]ecker's blog, I also uncovered his forthcoming project that he has been promoting for the past several months, the [b] school, found on the [b] school blog. It's a fantastic resource for seasoned and newbie photographers alike. I've checked out some of the Photoshop features for my own use. There's an abundance of information in there and it keeps getting better every day! I've told my friends who are aspiring photographers to check it out. And, because Becker posts videos giving tips and his own insights, you get a snapshot (yes, pun intended again) of his personality. He truly lives up to what he's set out to do, make his brides happy with fantastic images and service as well as spread the love throughout the photography community. Thanks Becker!

Check out his latest engagement session here! I love his work, it was so hard to just choose a few photos!

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