Fresh Florals!

My flowers, something that I have been thinking about for a while now. I love how true floral designers have the ability to capture your vision and create something completely beautiful. It definitely makes you forget how much you may be spending for their talents. I have yet to interview florists, but along with the cake, I'm really excited about exploring my floral options. I don't have a $50,000 budget, but I do intend to have beautiful accents within my budget. I've been collecting some beautiful images from Jessica Claire, the Becker, Marisa Holmes, Jasmine Star, DrewB, Trista Lerit, Whitebox Weddings, Brooke Schwab, and Amelia Lyon.

I can't wait to plan my flowers. I'm looking forward to my floral designer's expertise in choosing colors and flowers that will complement my color scheme of chocolate and ocean blue. I'm thinking white flowers since those will go with just about everything. Then again, I love color. This is where a real expert with flowers and design comes in.

Enjoy the yummy photos!

brooke schwab:
trista lerit:
amelia lyon:

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