Creative Must-Have... or at least I think so

My new love on the creative front has been the Xyron family of products. I own a Xyron 510 that I bought at 50% off at Joann's. It's become my new best friend. I love the adhesive feature and most recently the magnet/laminator feature. All this, without any electricity! It's green goodness.

Now I'm totally coveting the Xyron 900 (which now, come to think of it, I should have jumped on with that 50% off coupon, but oh well), and have been scouring Michaels, Joann's, and eBay for a good deal. I'm pretty thrifty so at 50% off or more deal would be sweet!

For those of you who have not yet been introduced, meet the Xyron 900 or 9" Creative Station (it's official name), featured on Martha Stewart as well:

Click here for instructions on how to make the Copper-Edged Magnet shown on the Martha Stewart show on March 22.

I'm definitely using this baby to create my magnet Save the Dates! (Coming Soon!) I wasn't digging the plain magnet paper and I didn't like the texture once printed on. I did however love the laminated feel of magnets run through the Xyron. It's a little pricey, but when you get 50% or more off on the cartridges, plus all the other uses that will come of this fabulous contraption, who could say no?

Check out these other projects made with the Xyron a la Weddingbee:

Mrs. Lovebug's Bridal Backstage Passes
Miss Pomegranate's Save the Date labels
Miss Hydrangea's Table Cards and Water Labels
Mrs. Jasmine's Address Labels
Mrs. Penguin's Invitations
Miss Coconut's Save the Date project

And this is only to name a few...

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