Mission: Finding a Photographer Part II

To me wedding photography was all about style. I wasn't really feeling the super traditional posed portrait that make you think "look here and smile at the camera". I do appreciate nicely composed portraits, but I didn't want my photos to be "just" that.

Even before the proposal, I've been blog-stalking photographers. I'm just in such awe at the wonderful images they are able to capture. I always think, "how did they see that?!" when they capture the finest detail or slightest nuance. It takes real talent and an eye to do that. It's not all about the point and shoot.

Another quality I wanted in a photographer? Youthful fun. I want my photographer to be able to identify with me and be able to understand my wants. Someone who would listen and understand and work with what I want and the style I want. Someone who is perhaps recently married and understands all that goes into a wedding.

A few photographers who embody this in my mind:

Jasmine Star

Trista Lerit

Sarah K. Chen

I love their youthful and fun style as well as all the little details that they capture! So wonderful! And they are a testament to why blogs are so useful and necessary in the photography world. My advice is to choose a photographer who's style you like as well as who's personality you click with. Now, I didn't end up booking any of these talented ladies, but I certainly would!

Next, how I found my photographer and what led me to book him!

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