Take the Cake Thursday: Jen's Cakes

I'm starting a feature about something I love dearly: Cake! I'm always amazed at the creations that talented bakers and pastry chefs can come up with. I love watching the Food Network Challenges, especially when they pertain to cake. The Ace of Cakes is one of my favorite reality TV series.

One of my coworkers who was married last October told me about her fabulous cake creator Jen, of Jen's Cakes. They are a wife and husband team who run their business out of Los Gatos, CA. All cakes are made to order. Since their space lacks a storefront, all of their business has been generated through bridal shows, local events, and word of mouth. I'm glad I heard about them! Jen designs and executes the cakes and Anthony runs the business side. My coworker raved about them after they completed her cake and said they were a pleasure to work with!

For my own wedding cake, I envision something simple with flowers. I'm not much of a fondant girl, but I do love the buttercream frosting.

Here are some of their designs:

This is the cake my coworker modeled her wedding cake after, except it was all chocolate!

I really like the simple design of this cake.

Jen's Cakes also specializes in "not-so-traditional" cakes.

This bamboo cake looks delicious!

Look at this 6-tiered cake!

I have yet to start contacting bakeries, but I think that Jen's Cakes will definitely be on my list!

All images from Jen's Cakes.

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