Mission: Finding a Photographer Part III

One of the things that I wanted to book right off the bat was my photographer. I wanted to book someone solid who we both got along with well, especially since he/she would be a huge part of the wedding. I was kind of at a loss for how to start, but I quickly e-mailed my coworker who had Junshien as her photographer. She sent me three names, including Junshien and Sarah K. Chen. The third name was Travis Hoehne.

I jumped on his blog and loved the images. I shot him an inquiry and heard back right away. His easy-going manner (via email) and responsiveness put him high on my list. After checking out his pricing and packages, he was right on par with my budget, even if he is based in Southern California. I researched a couple of other photographers, but something told me that Travis was it.

I had been communicating with him about our unset wedding date and he was very flexible in terms of turning in a deposit in pieces until our dates were firm. I also had asked what would be the best way to take our engagement photos, considering that the groom was in Dallas.
He said that he would be in the Dallas area for a workshop in April and could shoot there if we were available. I jumped at the chance. So we made the arrangements and booked him for the E-shoot.

On a very sweaty and steamy day in Dallas, I was trying to get ready for our session. My fiance was still at the office and we were planning on meeting in downtown. His apartment is closer to the airport, about 30 mins North. To be of help, Travis offered to pick me up, so there wouldn't be so much backtracking. It was so nice of him, and worked out well! We were able to get started right away.

After our engagement session, we knew he was "the one". His easy-going nature from his emails, translated into real life. He was so much fun to work with that we felt it. My fiance even whispered in my ear, "You made a good choice", since I had been maintaining all the contact. We worked out the contract. Travis has mentioned that he was raising his prices, but lucky for us, he held us to his earlier pricing structure.

So without further ado:

Check out our AWESOME photographer's blog!

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