Favorite Blogs: Snippet & Ink

What can I say about Snippet & Ink? It's another one of my daily inspirations. I don't know how Kathryn does it, but I'm so glad she does. She is so talented in assembling gorgeous combinations of flowers, dresses, venues, and details. Her daily inspiration boards generate ideas in my head for my own wedding. One day, while in between meetings, I clicked through every single board created. There's such a huge range and so many beautiful colors, it would be hard NOT to find your colors!

If you haven't been to Snippet & Ink, you are missing out! I found Kathryn's blog while reading another blog. Since that day, I added it to my Google Reader, and drool daily over all the beautiful and lovely ideas. It's inspired me to come up with my own board, which is still in progress.

On a whim, several weeks ago, I e-mailed Kathryn about inspiration boards in my colors. While she no longer comes up with boards for free, she generously sent me the links to two boards that she had created that would fit in my color scheme. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

Board #88: Jess's Garden Wedding

Board #79: Landra's Jamaican Wedding

Be sure to check out Snippet & Ink!!

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