Garter? What Garter?

I definitely think I'm on more of the traditional side of the fence when it comes to the bouquet and garter toss. I TOTALLY want to do it. I am the first to get married amongst my friends, so to me it makes complete sense to include this tradition. Plus, it'll be fun!

I've got my toss bouquet squared away with my florist, however, I still need a garter. I hadn't even thought about it until yesterday, when I saw Miss Ballet Flat's post about finding her garters! I absolutely love Etsy and it's a wonderful resources for all things handmade. I'm so glad that this post was shared yesterday, because I may just be able to cross another thin off my list!

Here's one that matches my colors:
One for the damask-lovin' bride:

One for the fun, flirty, and wild bride (I LOVE IT):

Be sure to check out Garter Lady's Etsy Shop here. She has so many designs and also offers custom designs and plus-size garters! Each garter comes with a toss garter, so no need to buy two! Awesome!

All photos from the Garter Lady!

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