Favorite Blog: Wedding Bee

My first real venture into reading a blog consistently was WeddingBee. I started reading before the idea of marriage even was a topic of conversation. I found WeddingBee through my co-worker who was chosen as a bee last spring. She is now Mrs. Tomato. Since then I started casually reading the blog and then it became a routine in the morning. With so many different voices of all the bees, there were so many ideas and points of view. It was great!

However, the entire time that I was "secretly" reading WeddingBee, part of me felt like I shouldn't be. I wasn't a bride to be. I wasn't helping plan a wedding. I didn't have anything to do with the wedding world. But I enjoyed reading the blog, especially since I would in the future...someday.

After the engagement, I felt like I had a legitimate reason to be reading WeddingBee. I didn't feel embarrassed to be reading bridal things because now I had a reason. Now I use WeddingBee for all sorts of inspiration. The other bees have had so many great ideas and a lot of it was DIY. I'm looking to do as much (within reason) DIY. I'm going for a personalized look that is entirely us. Thanks WeddingBee for being such an inspiration!

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